Technology Overview

TrueFocus offers a Blockchain based ‘Thank You Card’ solutions to measure the effectiveness of training and coaching activities. It lays the foundation for a culture that rewards a peer-to-peer knowledge exchange, which manifests in a culture of gratitude and overall development of an organization.

Thank You Cards (TYC) is a blockchain-based appreciation software designed to encourage gratitude and appreciation among teams.
TYC is a score ledger which keeps immutable score of the Thank You Cards that an individual has received from and bestowed on their peers, colleagues and teams.
TYC creates an opportunity for employees to appreciate the efforts of their fellow colleagues. It aims to reward those who go the extra mile and fosters a mood of support, appreciation within the team. Effectively, a positive attitude towards work and tangible rewards creates a sense of belonging which can be effective in reducing the churn rate and attrition rate in organizations.


  • It’s distributed – Blockchain creates a shared system of record among network members, eliminating the need to reconcile disparate ledgers.
  • It’s permissioned – Each member of the network must have access privileges. Information is shared only on a need-to-know basis.
  • It’s immutable – Consensus is required from all members and all validated transactions are permanently recorded. Even a system administrator can’t delete a transaction.


  • Customer focused – Your on-going customer feedback is rendered to a TYC card which can be used as a customer satisfaction metric.
  • Total Employee Involvement – Your team goals which are aligned to the organization goals get rendered into a TYC card
  • Process centered – Based on qualitative outcome and process efficiency metrics, TYC’s could be distributed automatically
  • Integrated system – TYC application has endpoints to integrate with organizational systems such as Time management, HR, operations etc, which gives your organization the ability to configure scenarios for TYC exchange.

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