Robotic Process Automation

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Technology Overview

Automation is changing how companies operate to stay competitive and profitable. Robotic Process Automation(RPA) is one of the Digital Transformation solution that helps organizations to digitize & Automate business processes at scale. RPA is growing rapidly due to the ease at which it can be implemented and the solution delivers a very quick ROI. Companies that have embraced RPA more holistically have seen significant improvement in Operational efficiencies, Time to market and better scalability.

Our end to end Solution will guide you through the entire life cycle of RPA implementation. We engage right from the Discovery phase that will help define an overall strategy and approach for the RPA program, Identifying the right processes & Business functions for Automation, Shortlisting the right RPA tool and partner for the solution development and governing through the development and deployment phase. With over 100+ customers, 4000+ bots developed, we have tied up with partners that have a global presence and have experience working on multiple RPA tools.

Tools :


  • Highly experienced team having implemented RPA for large enterprises
  • Current customer base of 100+, with over 4000+ bots deployed
  • Tool agnostic approach
  • End to End Governance and support for implementing the program

How it Works


  • Strategic vision
  • Core team setup
  • Internal communication
  • Process study – Understand current state, process maturity
  • Finalize RPA tool & POC plan
  • Business Case/ ROI

Pilot/ POC

  • Scope prioritization
  • “To Be” documentation
  • Infrastructure setup
  • Automation development
  • Validate business case
  • Communicate results with stakeholders
  • Broader Implementation plan

Factory Solution

  • RPA COE setup with IT and business partnership
  • Enterprise RPA roadmap
  • Internal Training & communication plan
  • Bot Development, Governance & Reporting
  • Change Management
  • RPA as a Service

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Get Started