Strategic Sourcing

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Companies are working differently today, they are facing constant technologies changes, global competition, and changing customer staffing expectations. By remaining nimble and adapting to these changes more efficiently and faster than their competitors, organizations can achieve the competitive upper hand. Having the opportunity to identify and implement the proper staffing models is key to this success.

  • Onshore temporary staffing
  • Onshore geo based staffing l for cost efficiency
  • Onshore third party partnership for scalability
  • Offshore BPO captive teams
  • Offshore BPO variable cost
  • Offshore BPO project teams

TrueFocus helps you gain the advantage of choice by offering multiple staff sourcing options. From onshore staffing solutions to global multi-unit BPO partnerships. This allows you to meet the needs of any client across the globe. Gain access to resources you would expect from a global sourcing provider while enjoying the hands on attention you would receive from a local partner.


TrueFocus employs a strategic approach that allows us to uncover and address your unique business needs and processes. We work with a variety of established BPO groups to assemble specialty teams for each client we work with, in order to meet and exceed expectations.

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